There are a lot of reasons why someone might decide to move in with a roommate, from saving money to just sharing living quarters with a good friend or companion.

Becoming roommates can be a great idea; however, before the home movers show up to unload everything, it is important to plan ahead.

Discussing the arrangement ahead of time can make it a great move starting from the moment local moving services arrives.

Then once all the important details are agreed upon, it is time to make the call for moving services.

Discuss Finances First

Money can become a source of stress between roommates, so it is a good idea to discuss financial concerns first.

Divide the rent appropriately, determine when it needs to be paid, then make necessary agreements about payment of utilities and other regular bills.

Think about things like the security deposit and rent increases as well as how to handle unexpected costs that could come up.

Having a plan in place before phoning local moving services will ensure that the move is a good one and prevent friction later on.

Food, Cleaning, and Other Responsibilities

Food and home maintenance are other common causes of friction between roommates that need to be settled before moving services arrive to relocate anyone as reaching an agreement ahead of time will help avoid problems later.

  • How will you handle grocery costs and shopping as well as access to food?
  • Will each roommate do their own shopping and pay for their own or is a joint contribution a better idea?

Similarly, outline ahead of time whether there are private areas in the home that each roommate will be expected to maintain on their own, or if cleaning will also be a joint effort.

Personal Habits and Other Concerns

Other important considerations that potential roommates should make before moving in together is personal habits and schedules, basically anything else that could affect both people.

Work and school schedules may differ, requiring different quiet times.

What about visitation by friends and other privacy issues?

These concerns may not be an issue for people who have known each other for some time; however, for those just getting to know each other, it is worth the mention before anyone arranges for moving services.

Furniture and Belongings

Consider what furniture and other belongings will be brought to the residence by local moving services and how it will all fit.

If there are duplicates, agree which item will stay and which will go.

If new furnishings are needed, consider splitting the cost.

These are the less significant details, but they can still affect a move into a space that will be shared by roommates.

Plan to Have a Good Roommate Experience!

Becoming roommates can be a great thing when the right planning is done.

In order to avoid conflicts and prevent a good situation from going bad, potential roommates should carefully discuss the topics mentioned above before talking to moving services.

After discussing everything and coming up with the best co-living arrangement, roommates can confidently plan the relocation with experienced local moving services.

A trouble-free move provided by experienced home movers will be the first step toward a happy roommate relationship!

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