Moving to college is an exciting yet frequently stressful time, at least when it comes to moving into a new apartment close to campus.

Fortunately, college student mover services can help with that process in a variety of ways.

Even college students have a choice in how they accomplish their relocation based on their budget and whether they have enough people to help with the heavy lifting.

DIY moving might be the first option that everyone thinks of, but a partial move or even a full service college move is not as out of reach as one might think when hiring the right service.

1. DIY College Moving

DIY college student moving is obviously the option that most people choose because it costs less out of pocket.

Yet it does still require renting a van or truck, packing everything being moved to the new apartment, and then getting it out of one dwelling and into another.

Moving furniture is usually the worst and most challenging part of these types of moves, especially for someone who does not have the right people available to help them do it.

DIY college moving might cost less up front, but the potential for greater costs in terms of damaged belongings, vehicle accidents with rented equipment, and even injury are definitely higher.

2. Hiring Full Service College Student Movers

The next option is hiring full-service college student movers to take care of it all, from the dismantling of furniture and packing of boxes to unpacking and reassembling everything at the new apartment near school.

Full service college student movers might not be necessary for a shorter move or in the budget, but for cross-country or even cross-state moves to school, they can pay for themselves by eliminating the stressful tasks of driving a loaded truck for hours on end, then having to unpack it all at the school apartment.

3. Paying for Partial Services from College Student Movers

A third option and one that can be very worthwhile for in-state and out-of-state students both to consider, is splitting the effort by arranging for partial services or a hybrid move.

These types of college student moves can be done in a number of ways depending on the service, the distance, and other factors, at a cost that is between a DIY move and a full-service one.

  • Students can hire college student mover services for a partial-service move by packing and unpacking everything themselves but allowing the professionals to load, transport, and then unload everything only.
  • They can also arrange for a hybrid move, a service that some full service college movers offer, that includes a pod or storage locker being dropped off for packing at leisure, then picked up and transported to the new location and left for unpacking.
  • Additionally, some college student mover services will also provide personnel on an hourly basis to simply load and unload a truck. This type of hybrid service is like a DIY move and still involves renting and driving a truck, but boxes and furnishings are safely handled by able-bodied movers for those who are unable to do it themselves or choose not to.

Choose Movers Based On Cost, Effort, and Convenience

Moving is a hassle, whether moving to school across the country or just across town.

Though there are pros and cons to each, not every student has the ability to DIY nor does every student have the budget for full service college student movers.

Hybrid or partial service college student moves by experienced movers are a great way to start a new year at school.

Students should weigh the cost, advantages, and disadvantages of each method to decide which way is the best way for them!

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