Moving a household can be overwhelming.

Between the preparation, packing, and the moving services there to load everything onto trucks and take it to its new destination, stress can run high.

After delivery, and once the residential moving company has unloaded the last box, it may finally seem like it is time to relax - but is it?

Unpacking causes its own share of headaches.

Create A Plan

Just like all other parts of a smooth move, the answer is to have a plan!

With a good plan for the first day after a move, families can avoid unnecessary headaches while setting up their new home.

Following are some of the steps to think about when devising a plan for what to do after the residential moving company has completed their part of the move:

  • Take A Few Minutes to Breathe - The day after a move can bring mixed feelings of relief and anxiety. The move is finally done and the moving services are gone; however, now there is the new anxiety of unpacking. Relax by making some coffee, taking a walk around the new neighborhood, or even going out for breakfast to get away from the chaos for a few minutes. Take dogs for a walk and give kids a chance to burn off steam at a park or somewhere else that is suitable. After a good start to the day, go back and begin systematically tackling things one by one, to get the new home in living order.
  • Check Appliances and Utilities - Before unpacking the first box other than the essentials required for the first night in the new house, go through the house and check to make sure that all utilities are working and make note of any concerns that require attention. Then connect and check all appliances to make sure they are working as well. Dealing with problems before the house is unpacked after the move is easier.
  • Clean – Clean - Clean - Unloading moving company trucks and a lot of in and out traffic will make even a previously cleaned home rather dirty. Cleaning before unpacking is easier, since items are not spread throughout the house and allows for unpacking in a clean environment. Sweep and vacuum floors, clean the kitchen, bathrooms. and other rooms to prepare them for unpacking.
  • Arrange FurnishingsMoving furnishings around after unpacking is more difficult than doing it beforehand. Take time to think about room layout and get major furnishings set in the desired places, especially storage furniture. If anything needs to be put together, do it first before tearing into the boxes carried in by the moving company. This avoids unpacking without actually having a place to put everything. Any lamps and room lighting should also be set up first.
  • Take Another Break - By the end of the first day, if all of the above has been accomplished, it has been a productive day after the moving company has left! Chances are some things might take longer than expected, but don’t stress about it. To finish off the long first day in the new home, step out again for dinner or another walk, order in a pizza, or do something else to relax. If there is time at the end of the evening to start opening boxes, pick a room and start there or pick certain boxes that contain necessary items to unpack. Just don’t feel obligated to get it all done that night. By taking enough time to think things through and set them up ahead of time, the actual unpacking should be stress-free and fairly quick.

Having A Moving Plan Is Vital!

The trick to smooth unpacking after the moving services have left is having an organized plan.

Digging into boxes from the start without doing a few other tasks first invites chaos, since items could end up all over the place.

By following the plan referenced above, even if there are issues to deal with once the residential moving company has brought in the last box, unpacking can be done most efficiently, without turning into an overwhelming event.

The results will be a clean, tidy, and equipped home in no time!

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