There are different types of services that moving companies offer to their many customers, some classified by what is being moved and others by the distance to the relocation.

Some services specialize in local moves, while others do local and long-distance moves and other moving services do both.

Knowing which service to call starts with knowing what classifies as a local relocation and what it will involve.

Local Moving Versus Long-Distance Moving

Due to many variables like the equipment required, cost, and labor required to do it, some moving services specialize in local services while others serve a broader area.

Generally speaking, local moves are those that are 50 miles or less from the original destination, while long-distance relocations are those over 50 miles.

Interstate moves involve crossing from one state into another and some local moving companies will cross state lines for shorter-distance local moves and others will not.

So while these basic definitions are used by most every moving service, their meanings including the distance considered a local move may differ slightly.

For any customer seeking to move their things across town or even to the next town to know which movers they can hire for the job, they must first understand what the company’s local distance limits are and whether they will transport to the desired location.

How Much Does Moving Locally Cost?

Although most moving companies charge basically the same way based on load weight, number of hours involved, distance, and number of employees required, local moving services may use other fee schedules.

Packing usually involves an extra fee as well and any supplemental insurance above and beyond what is included in the service will be extra, too.

Local moves are generally much less expensive than longer-distance moves mainly due to the fact that there is less driving involved, meaning lower fuel costs and employee hours for the company.

Start Planning By Scheduling A Local Mover

After confirming that a local moving company can and will handle the job, then getting an accurate in-person estimate, moving customers can start their relocation process by scheduling a moving day.

Local movers may work every day of the week, but there could be discounts for services done mid-week since most people prefer to make local moves on the weekends.

Once a moving day has been chosen and any required deposits paid, customers can then plan the rest of their move.

A good recommendation is to create a detailed checklist of everything that needs to be accomplished between booking day and moving day so that nothing is forgotten.

Setting deadlines for certain tasks like contacting utility companies, having packing complete, and handling local address changes can help to ensure that everything that needs to be done before the moving truck arrives is done.

Fortunately, once moving day does arrive, experienced local movers will complete the job quickly, conveniently, and professionally.

Choose An Experienced Local Mover for Short-Distance Moves

Moving locally may seem easy, but it is still best done with the experienced service of a locally recognized moving company.

With the right help, anyone going 50 miles or less can accomplish their local move affordably without the stress of a DIY move.

Look for companies that specialize in local moves to get the best services at the best prices from business owners who know the area well and enjoy serving their community members.

Whether moving to college for the school year, changing apartments, or even moving into a first new home, an experienced local moving service can make moving day a successful day!

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