Moving is expensive and with the price of fuel skyrocketing, it becomes more costly every day.

Fortunately, there are always ways that those scheduling moves can save some money.

Follow these 10 helpful tips recommended by top moving services to plan the most low-cost relocation possible!

Here Are Some Cost-Saving Tips!

  1. Be Flexible with Dates - Professional movers have busy seasons depending on their location and the types of moves they do. When researching companies, ask what season is most likely to have a lower cost for local moves and if possible, schedule the move then. Though most people do not have that flexibility, those who do could end up with a discount.
  2. Lighten The Load - Since moving costs are based on weight, the lighter the load, the less expensive the relocation will be. Go through items and give away, sell, or donate anything unwanted to reduce the items that must be packed and the weight of the load that moving services will load and transport on their truck.
  3. Be Accurate With Estimates - Ask for a clear explanation of how the movers do their estimates and if possible, have an in-person estimate done so there are no unpleasant surprises. When doing a video estimate or providing an inventory list, be honest and show all belongings, as the final total will be based on the actual weight of the load.
  4. Self Pack - Self-packing can save a lot of money for those preparing for moves of any kind. Packing can start at any time and be done as preferred. Just remember that many moving services will not cover damage for items they did not pack; however, with the right relocation insurance policy, self-packing can still offer worthwhile savings.
  5. Start Saving Packing Materials Early - When deciding to self-pack, start saving boxes and other packing materials for moving early. Post wanted ads on neighborhood websites as there are always people who have just moved in who are looking to get rid of their boxes and materials. Purchase whatever else might be necessary at discount stores at a lower price than what the movers might charge. Use duffel bags, luggage, plastic bins, and other convenient storage items to pack as well.
  6. Pack Efficiently and Effectively - Reduce the time spent loading and unloading which impacts the hours billed with efficient room-by-room packing, box labeling, and then box staging. The closer the boxes are to the exits, the faster the moving company can load them. Similarly, the more clearly they are labeled, the more easily the movers can bring them directly to the right rooms at the new location. This kind of organization saves time, which saves money.
  7. Disconnect and Take Apart - If there are appliances that must be disconnected as well as heavy or large furnishings that must be taken apart, have it all done before the move. Anything that can be done ahead will save time and effort, thereby reducing the hours billed by the moving service.
  8. Pack A Necessities Box - Pack a box of items like important paperwork, toiletries, keys, medications, a few days' worth of clothing, and anything else that might be needed the days before, during, and after a move. It will save from having to re-purchase items that got packed and reduce unexpected inconveniences due to lost documents and other items.
  9. Don’t Forget Moving Insurance - Although purchasing insurance for local or long-distance moves is technically an expense, it is cost-effective protection that can really save money should any damage or loss occur. Look into what is covered automatically by the moving service and if the coverage is not suitable, consider purchasing a separate policy from an insurance company that sells them.
  10. Talk To The Moving Service - Beyond these helpful tips, ask the movers themselves what their recommendations are for saving money. Whether it is moving on a certain day of the week, paying ahead, or some other tip, they will help their customers get the best services for the lowest price.

Make Moving More Affordable With These Ideas

Paying moving services to relocate a house or apartment can cost quite a bit of money.

Using these great tips, those who are willing to put in a little extra effort and be flexible can accomplish more cost-effective moves.

For other money-saving relocation tips, talk to an experienced local mover that is ready to help!

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