Moving is stressful and moving with kids can be even more stressful, especially for the kids.

Parents can make it easier all around by planning with their kids well in advance of moving services showing up to relocate their belongings.

Consider these tips to make the transition easier for kids of all ages, then start the planning once a moving company has been reserved and the move is confirmed.

Keep Kids In the Loop

When movers have been scheduled and there is a family relocation in the works, keeping kids informed and involved is essential.

Moving can be very unsettling for some children, so parents should take steps to create confidence in the situation and keep their children feeling positive about it.

Explain the move, why it is happening, and that they will have full support in getting through it and adjusting to the new place.

Discuss what is expected in preparation for moving services showing up and when that will happen.

Most importantly, parents should stick to normal routines as much as possible and stay positive themselves, as kids frequently detect stress in their parents and become stressed as well.

Create A Checklist For Everyone To Follow

One way to prepare kids for the day when the moving company will show up and relocate them to a new home is to create a weekly checklist that the whole family can follow.

From a month or more away from the move, make a list of things that should be completed each week to keep the packing and preparation on time to reduce tension as moving day arrives.

Within each schedule, make lists of things that each child is responsible for so they can be an active part of the preparation and stay informed of everything that is going on.

Making a game out of completing the weekly moving checklist can add some fun to the situation, too.

Prepare For Moving Together

When preparing for moving companies to pick up belongings, parents can involve their children in the packing and preparation.

Start with a yard sale and have kids reduce their items by going through them and weeding out what is unused or unwanted.

The fun of organizing a sale and making a few dollars is inspiring and donating the leftovers to a charity shop can be rewarding as well.

Organize a packing station and teach children how to wrap, box, and label their own belongings so they can take part in the main preparations in their own ways.

Encourage older children to help younger ones as everyone works together to get the house packed up.

Learn About the New Place

One way to reduce anxiety about leaving a current community and moving to another one is to teach children about that new community.

Before the moving service is scheduled to arrive, study the new community online and be sure to highlight all the things that the children will like about it.

A day trip to visit the new location is another great idea if it is within driving distance.

By giving children something to look forward and even appealing to their senses of curiosity and pleasure, relocation can be made less traumatic and frightening.

Moving With Kids Can Be A Success With A Little Extra Care

Moving can be a scary thing for children of all ages.

Fortunately, parents who take some extra time to help their kids through it once their moves have been finalized can reduce that stress and keep everyone smiling.

The biggest goal of preparing for a move before the moving company arrives is keeping kids informed and letting them take part in the process.

When children feel more in control of what is happening and are able to participate in the process and make some of their own decisions, they will feel less stressed about it all.

By the time moving services arrive, kids who have been successfully acclimated to the idea of moving will feel excited to start a new adventure in a new home!

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