Anyone living in Texas who knows how hot and sweltering it can get surely understands the effort involved in residential moves made during the summer.

Fortunately, there are professional moving companies to help them do it.

Regardless of who is doing the actual lifting, moves of any kind can be tiring and stressful for all involved.

These tips can help those hiring moving companies for a summertime move avoid problems that can make these long, hot days worse than they need to be!

1. Lighten the Load Ahead of Time

Summertime is the best time to get rid of some unwanted or unused items quickly before a residential move, as this is flea market season.

Lighten the load of items that need to be packed and then moved onto trucks by selling off unwanted items and even donating what does not sell.

The fewer items there are, the easier and faster hot weather moves made during the Texas summer will be.

2. Watch the Weather Forecast

Late summer in Texas brings unpredictable weather.

As if the sweltering heat of July and August are not enough, this is also the time when Texas begins to experience thunderstorms and torrential rains out of the blue some years.

Pay close attention to the weather forecast when residential moving companies are coming to help with a move, as getting caught in the rain could result in damaged items.

Summer thunderstorms might create a situation where everyone will have to take a break until they pass.

On the bright side, having to wait a few minutes for a storm to pass could provide a needed rest break and cool things off for everyone, too.

3. Leave Extra Time

The hotter it is outside, the longer house moves can take as the heat makes this kind of strenuous work more difficult.

Never rush when moving on an extremely hot day and be sure that everyone, including the moving company employees, takes frequent rest and water breaks.

Keep a loose schedule to reduce stress and understand that it may involve paying an extra hour or so of labor to get everything done safely.

4. Pack For High Heat

High temperatures can damage boxed items, even if they are out of direct sunlight.

Temperatures inside tightly packed moving company trucks can get much hotter than it is outside.

Take caution with anything especially delicate that can be affected by high heat and consider moving it separately.

Items like food, wine, medications, meltable plastic, and candles can all be damaged sitting inside a box in a moving truck with no airflow on a high-heat day.

5. Practice Good Self-Care In The Heat

Above all, those undergoing summertime moves in Texas must practice self-care and protect themselves from the health problems that can arise due to the heat.

Take frequent breaks, stay well hydrated, eat well, and use sunscreen to prevent sunburn.

Avoid rushing and as far as helping the movers goes, people should only do what they can safely handle and leave the rest to the workers.

Start packing early so it is already complete by moving day or just pay for full-service moving.

At the first sign that something is wrong, take a break or seek medical attention.

Summertime Moves In Texas Should Be Made With Care

Residential moves made in the high heat of the Texas summer can be dangerous if not properly handled.

Household goods and the humans moving them need to take time for good planning and proper self-care to survive a summer move in Texas.

The hiring of a moving company that can handle the heavy work makes possible to get through a summer relocation regardless of the weather!

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