Moving everything in a home is tiring, stressful, and expensive.

For many, hiring a moving service to handle a full-service move is not possible due to the cost, but moving on their own is also not feasible due to a lack of help.

In these situations, hybrid moves can be the perfect solution.

A mid-point between full-service and DIY, hybrid moving puts customers in control of their move for a more economical relocation while also affording them the equipment and help they need to accomplish it.

What Is Hybrid Moving?

Hybrid moving is a method of house moving that is done using a combination of do-it-yourself moving and hiring a moving service to handle the job.

It involves a combination of self-packing, renting a moving truck or space on a larger truck, and then hiring movers from a moving service to do the heavy lifting.

To fit this need, many moving companies now hire out their trained movers by the hour specifically for this purpose.

Hybrid moves can be arranged in a variety of ways:

  1. The most common method of hybrid moving has the customer self-packing their belongings, renting a moving truck, and driving it but paying professional movers to load and unload the truck for them.
  2. Another way that hybrid moves are done is the customer self-packs their items, rents a moving pod, loads and unloads it on their own schedule, and then pays for a moving company to pick up the pod and relocate it for them. Some may also pay movers to do the unloading at the new location.
  3. A third way in which hybrid moving can be done involves the customer renting space on a freight truck carrying goods for multiple customers who are moving, then paying movers of their own sourcing to load and unload their self-packed belongings.

What Are The Advantages of Hybrid Moving?

While hybrid moving is not for everyone, those who choose to handle their moves this way find it has many advantages for them:

  • More Affordable - Above all, hybrid moves are less expensive than hiring a moving company for a full-service move as the customer can pay for things in an a la carte manner as their finances allow. They can find an affordable truck or pod of the right size, then locate and hire professionals according to their budget and arrange their moving event around those two things.
  • Less Stressful - Hybrid moves can be much less stressful since customers have total control over their move and can arrange services and equipment as they need them.
  • Easier to Schedule - Undertaking a hybrid move can be easier to schedule based on the customer’s needs as it is usually possible to rent trucks and pods at short notice.
  • Safer Than DIY - Hiring professional movers from a moving service who are trained and equipped to lift and load furniture and boxes is a safer and more convenient alternative than customers attempting to do so on their own or enlisting friends and family to help.

Consider Economical Hybrid Moving For Easy Local Moves

When hiring a full-service moving service is not possible, hybrid moving is a recommended alternative for safely and conveniently moving house.

This moving method, which combines professional loading and unloading services with an otherwise DIY move, is a cost-effective solution for many people.

With many moving companies now offering loading and unloading for local moves, anyone can plan and organize a hybrid move according to their schedule and needs.

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