If you are moving and plan on hiring professional moving services to help, you may have concerns about obtaining estimates that are fair.

There are scammers out there who promise top-notch service for low prices, then fail to deliver.

Other moving companies may low-ball their estimates and you end up with a much bigger bill than anticipated after your things are already loaded and ready to be moved.

So, how can you ensure that you are getting an accurate quote on your relocation services?

Use the following tips so you can be sure you are getting a thorough and accurate relocation quote.

1. Research Moving Services

Start out by making a list of local moving services from whom you can request moving quotes.

Make sure you work with a company that is licensed and insured as well as being sure that customer testimonials and reviews are available online in order to find companies with high approval ratings.

Once you have a list of qualified moving companies, schedule a time to meet with them for an estimate and to find out more about their services.

2. Get Multiple Walk-Through Quotes

Never rely on an estimate by phone since accuracy may be questionable when estimators cannot actually see the items they will be moving.

It is best to schedule multiple in-home, walk-through quotes on the same day two or three hours apart so that details and questions are fresh in your mind as you gather information.

Be very clear during a walk-through about which items will be moved and which will not.

Talk about any delicate or especially heavy items that must be moved and any other concerns you may have.

Insist on written quotes that include everything discussed and documentation about all items and company policies.

3. Ask About Packing, Insurance, and Hidden Costs

Will you be packing or do you want your things packed by moving services?

Ask whether packing services are offered and the cost plus inquire as to how special items will be handled.

Be sure to discuss what type and how much insurance is included in their fee and if you should purchase additional insurance to best protect your items.

4. Discuss Schedules and Estimate Expiration

Another important detail you must discuss for an accurate estimate is the moving schedule.

Many moving companies have different fees on weekdays and weekends and may not offer services on certain holidays.

Make sure that you know whether your quote reflects a weekday discount or if you are paying an elevated rate to move on a Saturday.

Because rates may also rise or fall depending on the season, inquire how long a quote is considered valid.

5. Is the Quote Binding or Non-Binding?

Binding quotes based on the estimated weight of the items that will be moved give you a total price before anything is loaded onto a truck.

Non-binding quotes provide a general idea of moving costs with the final price determined once everything has been loaded.

Non-binding quotes are less accurate but often result in lower relocation costs while non-binding quotes are more accurate but may be written at a slightly higher rate.

If you have more items that must be moved on moving day than what appears on a binding quote, chances are that moving services will not honor the quote.

Rely On Experience Moving Companies

The key to getting accurate quotes from moving companies is making sure you always work with services with a good reputation and find out all important details in advance.

Rates can vary based on the day, season, type of items you are moving, binding or non-binding quotes, and a number of other details.

When you are aware of all the things that can affect your quote, you can get estimates from multiple moving services and compare them.

Then carefully choose the company that is the right one for your needs!

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