Moving is a huge undertaking and one of the most stressful aspects can be dealing with oversized furniture. 

No matter how smoothly everything goes, there are always some pieces that create trouble for movers - they were hard enough to get out of your old house but what happens when they cannot fit in your new place?

And while you might not want to think about it on moving day, this issue will start adding up quickly if the moving company has put in extra hours because you didn't plan ahead.

Measure Everything Ahead of Time

The first step in putting a viable plan into place for relocating oversized furniture is to measure the length, width, and height, then figure out which doorways it will be carried through on both ends of the trip.

If someone got this piece inside before then there's no reason why they can't get it back outside again!

When moving, it is important to be prepared for any eventuality.

If you are not sure if your new home will have enough space or access, take the time early on in the process and measure out all of your belongings so that everything fits inside once they arrive at their destination.

Be aware that many movers find themselves dealing with this frustrating situation regularly; there may even already be a plan!

Disassemble When Possible

For the sake of a successful move, it's important to take some time and disassemble items.

Many pieces have parts that stick out like legs on furniture or doors in armoires which may cause issues when moving services come by with their trucks for pickup.

Removing these protruding parts will sometimes give them enough room so they can get through doorways without bumping into anything at all!

Newer products are designed to be taken apart just like this, so if you want your new home unpacked quickly and efficiently, make sure everything is easily accessible before moving!

Consider the Various Angles

One of the most important aspects to any move is figuring out how you're going to get your items from one place and into another.

It's best if we can just go ahead and do it right side up, but sometimes there are some things that just won't fit through a doorway with their legs on backwards or even worse yet, on their backs!

That doesn't mean they'll never make it in, though; when all else fails, try flipping them upside down for an easier time moving those oversized pieces around.

It's important to hire a professional moving company that can provide strong, able-bodied workers who have an easier time handling oversized items that need to be maneuvered.

Remove the Door

Sometimes, when nothing else will work, another option is to get the door itself out of your way.

It's easy and quick enough for movers to take it off its hinges or remove the actual frame completely, but this definitely requires some extra work and carpentry skills.

Best Move – Plan Ahead!

If you know that your household will have oversized items such as furniture or appliances, it's best to plan ahead.

Tell the moving company when they come for a quote and measure out the larger pieces before packing them up.

By planning with experienced movers early on in the process of relocation, getting these large objects from one house into another won't be nearly so worrisome!

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