Moving can seem overwhelming.

With so much to get done before the moving service arrives to pick up packed boxes, people frequently find themselves in the position of wondering where to even start the process.

One way that professional movers have found to be effective and allow for gradual progress as the days pass is to create a plan for each room.

Consider these room-by-room approaches to get any house packed up in time for moving day!

Start With The Easiest - The Living Room

Of all the rooms in the house, the living room is one of the easiest to pack for moving since other than furniture, it is likely items that are not in daily use.

Get the living room done quickly by packing away any books, games, collectibles, and other items, leaving the boxes neatly piled along a wall.

Finish this space as much as possible so that when the moving service comes in to get the furniture and boxes, the room will be empty.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms Next

Bedrooms and bathrooms can be more challenging to prepare for the movers since they are in constant use, but the packing can be started well beforehand.

Pack up all items that will not be used before the move and start putting clothing into armoire boxes and suitcases that can be left accessible until the last day.

The goal should be to have all items packed by moving day other than the last bit that has been in use, which can be packed on moving day.

The closer it gets to moving day, the fewer items there should be that still require packing.

Do The Kitchen In Stages

Packing up a kitchen for the movers presents even more challenges, since much of what is in the kitchen may be needed until the last few days.

Once again, the best way to approach this is to start early by packing the dishware, appliances, and other items that can be done without for a little while, leaving the most used items for last.

Label boxes carefully in case it becomes necessary to go back into one of them, but do try to avoid that.

Plan a simple menu for the last few days ;or get takeout, so the final packing can be accomplished with plenty of time to spare.

During the pre-moving period, plan to use all perishables in time to reduce food waste on moving day.

Pack any food that will be making the trip last, being sure to use coolers and zip-seal bags to keep things clean and safe.

Work On Other Spaces Continuously

After getting the living room packed, let that motivation spill into other similar spaces that can be readied without affecting day-to-day life.

Pack up playrooms, offices, and storage spaces ahead of time, so there is less to do during moving week.

The closer it gets to the moving service showing up, the less there should be left to pack other than what remains in the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.

Moving Preparation - Use A Systematic Approach

With so much to get done during the moving process, it is important to use an approach that makes the work easier.

Starting off with the easier packing can make a big difference when preparing for the movers and create the motivation necessary to keep going.

Aim to have everything else packed by the day before the moving service arrives, leaving only the often-used, critical items for last - and have a less-stressful moving day!

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