Packing before a big move can be time-consuming and exhausting.

As much as it might seem like a means to an end, unpacking at a new home can be equally stressful as everything comes back out of the boxes.

To keep things moving smoothly, here are 10 mistakes that moving companies recommend be avoided when preparing for a move.

Consider these wise words from professional moving services and have an easier, less stressful move from start to finish.

  1. Don’t Start Too Late - Boxing everything up takes a lot longer than most people realize. Rather than having to rush when moving services show up, start days or weeks in advance depending on the size of the move. Then everything will be packed and ready to go on relocation day.
  2. Don’t Try to Do It Alone - Moving is hard work and it can potentially dangerous. To get it done safely and easily, enlist the help of friends, family, or a moving company when preparing for the moving vans.
  3. Don’t Start Without A Plan - Come up with a plan to effectively get everything boxed up. Deal with the hardest to pack and least used items like storage areas and closets first, leaving the more frequently used areas for later. Start any disassembling early in case there are problems and keep items in their respective rooms until it is time to load them on the truck.
  4. Don’t Pack Without Organizing - To make unboxing a snap, organize while boxing everything up for the move. Reduce and de-clutter, then sort belongings into boxes that go into specific rooms. Avoid simply grabbing and stuffing just to get it done in time for the movers. Otherwise unboxing will be equally disorganized and take longer than it should, increasing the chance that items could be lost as well.
  5. Don’t Skimp on Packing Supplies - To ensure everything is properly protected, it is essential to have enough and the right kind of packing supplies. Rather than trying to make do by overfilling boxes and not using enough padding, consider searching locally and online for low-cost and free moving material that is being given away.
  6. Don’t Forget to Label Everything - Avoid the frustration of misplaced items and boxes with questionable contents by labeling everything. Label boxes with contents and room location so it will be correctly delivered to make the unpacking process easier.
  7. Don’t Underestimate Boxing Books - Books are heavy. Other than furniture, books may be one of the heaviest items boxed and loaded. Avoid making boxes heavier than 50 pounds and be sure to use boxes strong enough to carry books. They could otherwise break during the move and cause frustration.
  8. Don’t Skip Disassembly - Disassembling furniture is inconvenient, but it’s also necessary in many instances. Moving companies always know to take larger, heavier, or especially awkward furnishings apart to make them easier to lift and maneuver. Then it will be easier to keep boxes and contents undamaged during the relocation.
  9. Don’t Pack Hazardous ItemsMoving services will not load anything that is corrosive, explosive, or otherwise considered to be a hazardous material onto their trucks. This may include some seemingly harmless items like household paint, certain cleaners, fertilizers, and other household items. Learn ahead of time what items cannot be packed, then use them up before the move and discard the rest.
  10. Don’t Discount Safety - Many people ignore safety in an effort to save money and/or time when preparing for a move. Unfortunately, doing so can backfire. Take necessary precautions by using sturdy enough boxes, extra padding when necessary, and learning how to lift and maneuver large, heavy items correctly to avoid injuries.

To ensure the smoothest relocation and avoid common pitfalls that can happen due to poor planning, avoid these 10 mistakes that professional movers know can cause problems later.

Start early, come up with a good plan, then consider the rest of the tips that moving services use to get the job done easily and efficiently.

Knowing about these few details will ensure that everything works out with the fewest concerns!

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