Gathering enough moving supplies for a move can be time-consuming and expensive.

What many people packing for the movers may not realize is that they have a wealth of these supplies right in their homes already.

What are those items? Read on to discover some of the “free” items that moving companies find to make perfectly suitable packing materials that can save residents a little bit of money!

1. Blankets and Towels

Blankets, towels, as well as other bed and bath linens make the perfect moving materials for items that need some protection but are not quite as breakable as fine china.

Items can be wrapped in these soft textiles or they can be used to fill up space within a box around items to secure them and reduce movement.

Comforters and fluffy blankets make especially good packing for larger items that require some padding, as long as they are packed inside a sturdy box as well.

Pillows can work well for padding boxes and filling up empty spaces to secure the contents inside.

2. Socks and T-Shirts

Rolled-up socks are another great, free packing material that movers recommend to reduce the need for packing paper or newspaper.

Stuffed in the corners and bottoms of boxes, they can secure fragile, wrapped items by preventing movement in the box.

Moving companies suggest that rolled-up t-shirts can be used in the same way to take up empty space in boxes containing delicate items that should be protected from bumping and jostling inside the box.

3. Suitcases and Duffel Bags

Some of the best free containers that people can pack their belongings in when moving to a new residence are ones that they are taking with them anyway.

Suitcases, duffel bags, backpacks, gym bags, and similar items are perfect when used to pack clothing or anything else that can fit inside them, eliminating the need for extra boxes for these items.

Plus, hard case suitcases are especially suitable for packing items that require a degree of crush protection.

4. Plastic Storage Bins

Reusable plastic storage bins make perfect, durable containers for all sorts of items depending on the size of the bin.

With so many sizes of these bins available, movers recommend storing smaller items in smaller bins, then collecting them all in larger bins to keep similar items stored in the same place.

They can also be used with packing materials or blankets and towels to protect breakable items, as plastic is sturdier than cardboard.

5. Twist Ties and Zip Ties

A professional trick that moving companies use when packing up wires, cables, power cords, and similar items is to bundle them up and contain them with twist ties and zip ties.

Doing so not only creates a neater bundle that can be more easily stored with similar items or the electronics they belong to, but it prevents the issue of wires and cables needing to be untangled and then matched with the right component during the unpacking stage.

Twist and zip ties can be used to tie and gather just about any item that gets rolled or folded up, allowing them to be packed more neatly and take up less space in the box.

Try These Free Home Packing Supplies To Save Moving Costs

Moving can be expensive, so it is natural to look for ways to save a little money in the process.

Though moving companies stress the importance of proper packing to keep all personal belongings safe and well-protected, most people have items at home that can reliably double as free packing boxes and materials.

Put these items to good use when preparing for the movers to have fewer boxes to move while saving some money, too!

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