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"AGGIES MOVING AGGIES"- For your professional moving and storage needs
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Our Promise to you
We will always strive to be an "Above Expectations" company. Our customers know that we arent happy if you arent happy. We are extremly flexible and are willing to make any situation right. We understand that during a stressful time of moving, that last thing anybody wants is a moving crew to cause problems. When you pick us, we ensure you that you will not have any problems on our end. We show up on time, work extremly fast, take care of all furniture and enviorments, and do not mislead you at all.
G & M HAULERS Co. is a College Station moving company that provides a high quality moving service in and around the Brazos Valley area (College Station/Bryan). We primarily move students and families in the Brazos Valley, as well as moving people throughout Texas and across the nation. We will also move various items such as motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and many other items, but we specialize towards extreme care towards antique furniture and delicate items. We have successfully complete hundreds of high priority moves across the state of Texas including moving various items such as grandfather clocks, antique dressers, large glass tables, pianos, grand pianos, marble dressers, etc. There is no job that is too small or too big for us. We now have a great reputation for moving large houses with fragile valuables and/or antiques. Our promise is that our prices will always stay reasonably low to keep gaining new customers. Find somebody with a lower rate, which is near impossible, and we will beat it!
Local & Intrastate moves handled
For more information contact TxDOT
Feel free to call them for any questions 
MC# 701650                   TxDOT# 006491231C                  USDOT# 1982576
We are one of the only moving companies that list our prices up front with minimal extra fees. We have heard from countless customers about the change in their original price quote on the day of the move. Here at G&M HAULERS MOVERS, we want to make your moving experience a pleasant one. It is your choice on to pick between any of the rates we have to offer to help make your service easier, faster, or more affordable. We Guarantee that our rates our the cheapest in-town while still provinding a very professional service. To get good honest testimonials about your moving company, just ask any self-storage service in-town - they deal with all of us on a day to day basis.

"Your Choice Rates" with 2 steps.  If you are moving from a house, office, or need a large amount of items moved but not sure of the size of the truck you will need, we offer a FREE in-house estimate to determine truck size and get an inventory (usually done after 5pm).  Here is a convenient way to make sure all your belongings get moved, first pick the amount of men you would like to hire and then pick the size of truck you will need. There is an hourly rate for the labor involved determined by the amount of men and then there is a one time truck fee based on the size of the truck. Feel free to hire us just for our professional expertise/labor for loading a rental truck and its just an hourly rate. There are no extra fees for anything except a large item being moved- Piano, safe, pool table, over 400lbs items, etc. Call for details. 
1st STEP....pick your Moving Help (2 Hr Minimum)
  • 1 movers  - $40/hr
  • 2 movers  - $55/hr
  • 3 movers  - $75/hr
  • 4 movers  - $95/hr


2nd STEP....pick your truck length for an additional one time fee

  • 12ft  -  $30 (small 1 bdrm apt)
  • 16ft  -  $35 (large 1 bdrm apt)
  • 20ft  -  $40 (anysize 2 bdrm apt)
  • 24ft  -  $45 (small home- 2-3 bdrms)
  • 36ft  -  $55 (large 3-4 bdrm house)


Our Services:


     In-Town Moves 

     Low Cost Out-of-Town Moves

     Residential and Commercial


     Furniture Rearranging

     Delivery (Commercial and Residential)

     Small Transport Jobs

     "Hot Shot" transport service





Feel free to email us your opinion about our company or how you felt about our services. We will copy and paste everything exactly the way you wrote it and place it in our testimonials section. If you feel we should do something different, let us know. Once again, thank you for all your support!
If you have any questions about any of the rates please feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will contact you as soon as possible.
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13101 Wellborn Rd
College Station, Tx 77845
When searching for a moving company, keep in mind that there are several moving companies that are in business just to make a "quick buck". They charge a lot and once they get paid, they leave you with multiple problems. The state requires that the minimum reimbursement amount is  $0.60 per lb. This means for a 30lb- brand new 42" flat screen t.v., you will be reimbursed $18. You are required to sign a contract and you might be held to this level. WE DO NOT DO THIS! We fully reimbures you at the value of the item, replace the item, or cover the costs of repairs- GUARANTEED!


or shipping totes?
We now have hundreds of boxes for sale for EXTREAMLY CHEAP! Check out our moving supplies page for further details or click here--


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