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"AGGIES MOVING AGGIES"- For your professional moving and storage needs CALL 979.324.6617
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“An Aggie does not lie, cheat or steal, or tolerate those who do.”


In the End of 2007, Jose and I created a very small moving company moving primarily college students for a small amount of money; basically a summer's job. With only an old 1997 Ford pick up truck and a small trailer, we moved studends and small families inside the Brazos City Limits. We created our website ourselves and only advertised by handing out flyers to about 3 or 4 apartment complexes. Each person we moved in-town was completely satisfied and stated that we were "way to cheap". At this time we were charging about $30/hr for 2 men. We continued to go to school and thought about the possibilities of what this future could entail.
Towards the spring/summer of 09, we began to see an increase in our customers, only by word of mouth. We decided to put our name on the internet using a website that allows businesses/people to offer their services and contact information. This greatly increased our potential and thus began the trademark of G&M HAULERS MOVING COMPANY. We reliazed that people love us and our prices, they just need to find out about us. Thanks to all our repeating customers!
As of beginning of 2010, we offered insurance and contracts to all our clients. We have a business license and are registered through Brazos County. We also operate under state and federal regulations, thus having all necessary numbers/licenses. We have posted several flyers around town, printed adds in multiple phonebooks, and began to optimize our name for search engines-making it easier for others to find us. After taking a year off school to continue the growth of our company, we decided towards putting our full attention towards our company. We are very optimistic about our company, and so far everyone that has used our services loved us. We are both hard working individuals and this is shown in the service that we provide. By the end of this year, we have aquired two new diesel trucks as well as several moving cargo trailers. There is now no job that is too big or too small for us to handle. Thanks to all our customers and fans!
We have become one of the largest moving companies in the area able to handle the most delicate of items and the largest moves.  While we still tend to move plenty of students with our low rates, we pride ourselves in providing the best professional service in the area.  We do this by still taking part in majority of the moves to help ensure efficiency and safety for your items and environment.  We go through a rigorous training environment for our employees and require them to completely understand safe practices before they are sent to any move unsupervised.  Each move is handled with long term employees and a crew-leader that is well trained.  Our number 1 goal- your complete and utter satisfaction. There WILL NOT be a company better than us because aim to exceed your expectations. 
...May God give us the strength we need to pursue our dream!
Our Promise to you- We will always strive to be an "Above Expectations" company. Our customers know that we arent happy if you arent happy. We are extreamly flexible and are willing to make any situation right. We understand that during a stressful time of moving, that last thing anybody wants is a moving crew to cause problems. When you pick us, we ensure you that you will not have any problems on our end. We show up on time, work extreamly fast, take care of all furniture and enviorments, and do not mislead you at all.
When searching for a moving company, keep in mind that there are several moving companies that are in business just to make a "quick buck." They charge a lot and once they get paid, they leave you with multiple problems. The state requires that the minimum reimbursement amount is $0.60 per lb. This means for a 30 lb brand new 42" flat screen t.v. will be reimbursed at $18. You are required to sign a contract and you might be held to this level. WE DON'T DO THIS! We fully reimburse you at the value of the item, replace the item, or cover the cost of repairs- GUARANTEED!
We have heard from countless customers about the change in their original price quote on the day of the move. Here at G&M HAULERS MOVERS, we want to make your moving experience a pleasant one. It is your choice to pick between any of the rates we have to offer to help make your service easier, faster, or more affordable. We Guarantee that our rates our the cheapest in-town while still providing a very professional service. To get good honest testimonials about your moving company, just ask any self-storage service in-town - they deal with all of us on a day to day basis. 
 G & M HAULERS a College Station moving company that provides a high quality moving service in and around the Brazos Valley area (College Station/Bryan). We primarily move students and families in the Brazos Valley, as well as throughout Texas. We will also move various items such as motorcycles, 4-wheelers, and many other items, but we specialize in extreme care towards antique furniture and delicate items. We have successfully completed hundreds of high priority moves across the state of Texas including moving various items such as grandfather clocks, antique dressers, large glass tables, pianos, grand pianos, marble dressers, etc. There is no job that is too small or too big for us. We now have a great reputation for moving large houses with fragile valuables and/or antiques. Our Promise is that we will always provide you with the utmost professional care.  Our reputation proves this, just check our reviews!


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