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"AGGIES MOVING AGGIES"- For your professional moving and storage needs CALL 979.324.6617
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Starting 2016 we are offering a discount for any customer who is willing to write us a review immediately after the move.  We would like for you to like us on facebook and let us know what your opinion is about our company- GOOD OR BAD.  Take advantage of these rates while we run the promotion for several months. To redeem the discount, you must show us your honest review before the contract is written up for your current move. 
  •  1/2 OFF your truck fee

*if you do not need a truck, then we will waive the trip fee.






Packing Rates

We offer an amazing packing service with well trained and qualified employees.  Please ask for an estimate to determine how many packers you need and what the estimated costs of supplies is.  We charge an hourly rate for the packers and a charge per box used from our inventory.  ALL BUBBLE WRAP, PAPER, AND SHRINK WRAP is included in Box charge.
  •      $95hr.-  3packers plus supplies
  •      $115/hr.-  4packers plus supplies

Extra Fees

We only charge extra fees for in-town moves for specific items.  The reason is because of the requirement for special equipment and properly trained individuals to properly move these items according to our guidelines.
  • Upright Pianos and Small Safes-$75 each plus truck fee
  • Baby Grand Pianos-   $150 each plus truck fee
  • Weight between 500-750lbs -$75
  • Weight between 751-950lbs- $150
  • Weight between 950-+lbs- $225
  • Weight above 1000lbs or anything above going upstairs then you must call for an estimate
Truck Rentals

We are currently establishing a partnership.  In doing so, we will be available to rent trucks locally to the Brazos Valley.  Please call to make an appointment or check for a reservation.