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Things to keep in mind when preparing for your move:

1. What happens if a Mover causes damages to my stuff?
Well, the company is responsible for those damages.  Be sure to read "Your Rights and Responsibilities" when you move to see what steps you should take before your move (this is provided on the link below).  Most importantly, be sure to make sure your mover is registered through TxDMV so they follow movers regulations.  It is important to check the reputation of each company.  People tend to speak the truth about each company depending on if they were extremely disappointed on the move or highly impressed.  It is important to do so because many companies will leave you with a headache well after your move.  Remember, they will be handling your most valuable items.  After any damages, if the company fails to reimburse you then you are able to file a claim through them to get it disputed.  Please visit for these simple steps.
2. How can I be best prepared for my move?
With us or most moving companies, you can always save time by disassembling and reassembling your own furniture.  For large house moves, this can save 1 to 2 hours.  Also, the more organized you are the more easier it is for movers to come in, create a plan, and grab what they need.  It is best to have all items fully packed as best as possible and ready to go before your move starts.  Remember when packing heavy boxes or fragile, make smaller ones.  Put large, light, or bulky items in large boxes.  Cardboard will break down easier the heavier the box is.

3. Is it ok to TIP on a move?
Yes and believe it or not- some people don't know this.  The movers provide a customer service for your move and generally work harder and efficiently if there is a possible gain for them.  In this industry, most customers tip to help create a better working mood from the movers.  Just like the food service industry, the movers will go out of there way to take care of your needs hoping they will benefit from it.  In the case that you have bad mood movers that don't take care of your stuff- Don't tip!  Our guys are trained to work hard and professionally 100% of the time no matter what.  Tipping amounts are usually $10-$20 per mover but can be up too $100-$150 each based on the duration of the move and complexity but it is always up to you.  In any case, we aim to please no matter what- regardless if you tip or not. 

4. How do I pack certain items?
If you have any questions about packing, always feel free to call us.  We can give you amazing tips that are cost effective and efficient.  We ask that you just have things packed in some sort of container that makes it easier to carry multiple items at one time.  This just helps stack things correctly and helps shorten the move process.  Large lamps or pictures, for us, are easy for us to wrap and take care of on the day of the move. 


5. What do I do with my valuable items?


We ask that everything be packed in some form of container.  More valuable items need to be packed in sealed containers or taped boxes to ensure that there is no question on its location.  Also,  it will always be best to place all wallets, money, watches, jewelry, electronics, etc in a room or car that no one else will go near.  Moving is a time that is a little chaotic at times, and its best to stay organized by keeping these items in one location near you.  Many times, customers misplace items because of everything going on.  Remember, everyone is a stranger at first so protect yourself at all times.  Do not leave valuable items in drawers because we tend to tip over dressers to dolly them and they may fall out.  We are not responsible for valuable personal items because we prefer that you keep these items in your possession.  If you have any concerns, please make the crew leader aware of any items so we can keep track of it specifically.